Meet the Measure Y Team

Bill Boerum

Bill Boerum – “As a publicly-elected, healthcare official I have long been in favor of medical cannabis and have testified before various government agencies including the cannabis task force of the Medical Board of California. Measure Y was initiated by voters to open up access to cannabis enterprise in Sonoma. The one dispensary approved after a long and costly process by the City Council is not sufficient. A patient-oriented, not recreation-oriented, facility also is needed. Seniors suffering from multiple conditions need the palliative benefits of cannabis, and they need treatment guidance by mainstream physicians. I am not and never have been a cannabis user and have no commercial interest in the business.”

Jon Early

Jon Early – “Measure Y was born out of frustration with the bureaucratic stonewalling from the City of Sonoma following the passage of Prop. 64 in 2016 when 64% of the State voters, including 64% of the City of Sonoma voters, decided in favor of what was thought to be statewide “Cannabis Legalization”.  In actuality, Prop. 64 gave jurisdictions like Sonoma the final say on whether they wished to grant cannabis access in their towns to their Citizens. As a result, the City Counsel of Sonoma continually decided against the will of the voters rather than respect and honor their wishes as their elected representatives.  Now, four years later there is still no legal cannabis access in Sonoma and no guarantees that there will be, regardless of the single dispensary license that is wending its way through the City bureaucratic system.  And, if that single license does make it through the City licensing maze, it will be a City sponsored cannabis Monopoly!
Measure Y offers Healthy Competition, Freedom of Choice, Free Enterprise and the potential for a much needed Economic Engine in Sonoma.  Vote for it.”

Ken Brown –

Ken Brown
Van Solkov

Van Solkov – Founder, Happy Travelers Tours, the Sonoma Valley’s original Cannabis Tour Company. “I support Measure Y for a variety of reasons, however, the primary drivers for me are: economic growth, consumer choice and more ways to keep Tourist money in the City of Sonoma. Currently, the Happy Travelers Tours Dispensary Tour takes groups of Tourists into Santa Rosa where they spend their money on Cannabis and related products. When there is more than one cannabis business operating in the City of Sonoma, then, those same Tourist dollars can be kept local, providing more tax revenue for the City, more jobs for local Sonoman’s and more ways to entice and keep Tourists IN the City of Sonoma.”