Support For Dispensary Approval in the City of Sonoma County.


Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.13.30 PMLocal Sonoma Valley citizen support is strongly encouraged!

The Narrative:

Many residents in Sonoma Valley rely heavily on medical cannabis to treat or manage their health conditions. Currently, cannabis dispensaries and delivery services are prohibited from operating within our borders forcing our residents (in particular our seniors that suffer the most from chronic pain and illness) to travel long distances to and from dispensaries in order to obtain their much-needed natural relief. There is no local economic benefit to this scenario!

In addition, more often than not, these distant dispensaries present themselves in an awkward or intimidating environment, adding to the existing inconvenience and anxiety of our community members.

Dispensary Candidates:

With new and workable regulations, Jon and Jackie Early, who have witnessed their friends, family and clients positively improve their lives through the use of medicinal cannabis, would like to consider operating a licensed cannabis dispensary in the City of Sonoma in support of local resources, services and needs.

An ideal location for their proposed Dispensary has already been secured on West Napa Street in anticipation of possible Use Permit approval!


If you have already signed our previous petition that was circulated in February, please re-sign this updated version and then be sure to share it with others!


The Petition:

We encourage the decision makers in the City of Sonoma to fairly consider and implement cannabis license regulations in a timely manner with the least amount of restrictive conditions possible to help ensure the success of a much-anticipated community need that also promises to generate substantial local revenue.

In addition, we also support Jon & Jackie Early in their quest for “Compassionate Access” permits and licensing that includes both Medical and Recreational needs with Home Delivery and Sonoma Sourced Product Development capabilities.