Y Not Measure Y?

Measure Y was born out of frustration following the 64% Voter Approved Prop. 64 Cannabis Legalization Initiative in November of 2016 yet 80% of the City and County jurisdictions in California chose to ignore the Prop. 64 will-of-the-voters by blatantly suppressing the regulations necessary for local access licensing.  The City of Sonoma is one of the jurisdictions that suppressed the will of the voters by doing nothing for two years that would have allowed its citizenry legal, local access to cannabis (very often for their personal medical needs) and then again in 2018 by preventing the voter-signature qualified Sonoma Citizens For Local Access (now Measure Y) from being placed on the November 2018 Ballot through the use of a backhanded delay meant as a Voter Suppression tactic.


Measure Y was successfully delayed for two years by the City of Sonoma but it is now qualified for the November 2020 Ballot.  With enough donations we should be able to reach all the expected majority of voters that support legal cannabis.  


On Monday, October 5, 2020, the Sonoma City Council split 2/2 on issuing the Commercial Cannabis Business Permit to SPARC. You can read about it here: Sonoma Index Tribune


Donations will go to Signage, email Blasts, Social Media, Personal Contact such as Farmers Markets, Media Advertising, Press Releases, Printed Handout Materials and Mailings.

If we exceed the donation needs for a successful Measure Y ballot result, then the remaining balance of the donations will go to a legal defense fund of Measure Y, should it be necessary.  

And finally, if there remains an excess of needed donation’s we will form a non-profit and use the funds to provide know-how and support for similar Ballot Initiatives in similar suppressive jurisdictions!


This City of Sonoma fiasco is one of many, and City Officials seem to have forgotten who placed them in office via the very same Citizen Ballot Box that elected them. Measure Y can contribute nicely to the much-needed Sonoma Valley Economic Engine, but rather than serving their electorate, they have chosen Voter Suppression!


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